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Collage is a fascinating technique. Using a palette of old and new papers and textiles, I am able to create contemporary work that often nods to the past, an acknowledgement to voices and handicraft of people that came before me. I think what I love most about collage is the way the layers and textures of these materials draw the viewer in. The contrast of colors, textures and materials add interest. The work develops organically as I sit with all my materials. I rarely have a plan when I start out and by the end of the process I am often left with a collage with its own voice, ready to be interpreted and loved.  


I am an Oslo based collage artist.  I grew up in Atlanta, GA to an American father and a Norwegian mother, but moved to Norway in my late 20's. I come from an artist mother and grandmother and grew up in a home full of paint tubes, brushes and lots of color. 

In the years 2008-2011 my family and I moved to Busan, South Korea. It is here, inspired by an innovative art scene, welcoming artists and gallery owners, amazing fabric and craft markets, I came into my own as an artist. I was profoundly inspired by the Korean tradition of patchwork using scraps of fabric, known as bojagi. These fabric scrap creations would be the catalyst to draw me closer to the world of collage.

I have exhibited my work in Busan, South Korea and Oslo, Norway. My work has sold in boutiques, art markets and festivals, online and through galleries. 

I am an educator and run collage workshops several times a year - check our my Workshop page a schedule of events. 



Popup exhibition at Via Showcase
Oslo, Norway. Sept-Oct 2022

Art and Wellness exhibition

Oslo, Norway - Vulkan. August 27-28th

Popup exhibition at Vulkan Showcase

Oslo, Norway. April 2022


Because I Am a Girl - Plan Norge group exhibition at Det Norske Teatret

Oslo, Norway. Opening October 10, 2015

The Fine Arts group show at Busan Citizen Hall
Busan, South Korea. Opening April 28, 2011

Embracing our Creativity group show at Gallery Lee & Bae
Busan, South Korea. Opening April 15th, 2011


Get into Life group show at Busan Civic Center

Busan, South Korea. Opening February 19, 2010


Harvest 31 group show at Gallery Idm

Busan, South Korea. Opening September 9, 2009

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