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Art of Wellbeing

Date: December 10 & 11
Vulkan Showcase

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Curated by artists, Art of Wellbeing is an art event that celebrates and excites the senses.

We match art, music, tastes, and smells, inviting our visitors to enjoy a multi-layered event.

Our goal is to give artists and makers a platform to meet an audience that is eager to experience something new. Sweet smelling products, perfectly paired with art. Tastes that compliment the creative backdrop. Products that focus on wellbeing and celebrate life and vitality. This is an art event that welcomes all, and offers more


Our next event is 10th-11th December at Vulkan Showcase.  Here is a look at the participating artists and creators! 

Don't miss our opening on December 10th from 12-13, where we will have a musical performance from the lovely Johanna Demker. Johanna Demker is a Swedish singer-songwriter. Johanna finds inspiration in Americana roots and early Swedish pop influences.