My new collection "Chin Up" is launching on Sunday!

My new collection "Chin Up" is launching on Sunday!

There is something a bit weird about this collection of artwork. I was in the studio one evening, hard at work and in the zone and realized in a burst of happiness, that the two works I had just finished were the start to my newest series of work, I had no choice!

This series of new work reflects stories of resiliency. I have a lovely group of close friends, as well as others I know or have heard about - so many have struggled these last years with job uncertainties, health issues, social anxiety and relationship issues. I have struggled myself - I lost my mother this last year and have been estranged from my twin sister for nearly 6 years - so I have had to process a lot, have had to work through so freaking much to get to where I am today. I hate easy answers, goofy quotes and stupid books on the "secret to happiness", there are no easy answers to what makes life great. It is just a matter of getting through hard shit and making it count for something. You go through the kind of heartbreak and sorrow that takes your breath away, it guts you until you are a shell of the person you used to be. Then you start to get your breath back, your back starts to straighten, you start to pull yourself together and ask yourself, "what was it all for?"

Going through difficult things in life allows you to gain a kind of insight as to who you are, what are you made of, what matters. This may not resonate with everyone. I think too often we create so much stress in our lives because we worry we will not survive the pain, but I think we can. I think we are much stronger than we think we are. We can go through difficult events and after some time emerge like a butterfly - beautiful, strong and confident - full of self compassion, but this requires the ability to be vulnerable. If you are not able to show or accept you own vulnerability you will have a tough time being truly resilient.

That is what this series is dedicated to. Resiliency.

The piece shown above was inspired by Andra Day's lovely song, "Rise Up". This song always inspires me and also makes me cry.

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